The last morning
- butterfly morning -
And when the bull, in the darkening light of the sky, suspected the winter,
he watched in angry silence as God gradually forgot him...

Again and again he had had to do as his nature commanded him,
Again and again it had come to pass after his own kind:
Curse and blessing - and only diversion and entertainment somtimes.

But it happened once more that God turned and said, "may it be!"
And it was evening and it became morning: a new day!

Then a loving sun poured down upon his heart with life and warmth
And the meadow awoke in the light, as summer once was.

And each one henceforth did his share of the work
... until the end.
Secret words
Enchant the flowers of the morning and those of the evening.
And are butterflies of all transformations pawn!

G. St.

"Butterfly Mornings and Wild Flower Afternoons
from the film: "The Ballad of Cable  Hogue" 
                              lizenzfrei von youtube